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Dried fruits and nuts


Dried fruits and nuts

Who we are?

We are a young, rapidly expanding company, located in Bulgaria. Harvesta is fully integrated as a trader and works closely with growers, a dehydrator and processors of dried prunes and almonds – both organic and conventional.

Our partners farm plum and almond orchards with a total area of 260 ha. For additional capacity, we have built strong relationships with local growers, who share the same values of uncompromising quality and actively support them in the planting, cultivation, harvesting and transportation processes.

We claim to be a technology and innovation driven company.

The modern drying and processing plants are built according to the most efficient and modern technologies in the industry, thus guarantying the optimal preservation of our dried fruits and nuts and meeting all the technical product specifications of our clients.

Our mission

We take it to heart to keep the age-old tradition of fruit and nuts in the Balkan Peninsula region and are bringing it to a new dimension, while creating the highest value for our customers, growers and partners.

We truly love our land and those working on it. This is why we are following the modern trends in the food industry, but always strive to using sustainable practices and supporting the future of farming.

Dried prunes
Dried prunes and almonds

Our values

Diligence and hard work

We are passionate entrepreneurs and rapid learners and give 100% of ourselves no matter what we do.  We do not accept mediocrity and we are absolutely uncompromising towards the quality of our products, the observance of deadlines and commitments we have made to our clients, partners, growers, and employees.

Outstanding customer service

We pay great attention to understanding the specific needs of each of our clients and responding to them in the best possible way. To provide them with the product, service and prices they need and to significantly exceed their expectations. The safety and quality of our products consistently meet the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

When it comes to food safety, there are no shortcuts.

We stand for Something Good

We don’t focus on growth, but on the elements that deliver growth. We source from like-minded partners we admire and support.  Consistent, honest and focused work always pays off. At the center of it we put people. 

Because no company can’t outgrow the people in it.

Fast and adaptable

The world is changing rapidly. We strive to move fast enough to keep pace with the new technologies and trends in the industry and adapt to the market even faster. Never lose sight of the Big picture.

We are committed to constant improvement and aim for perfection every day.