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The word “challenge” would pretty much describe your days at Harvesta. A very exciting challenge, which at the end of the day could be more than rewarding – both, intellectually, professionally and financially.

We are always looking for ambitious and talented people to support our team. However, read the lines below before clicking ‘Apply now’ for any of our vacancies.

The company culture you will encounter at Harvesta may be something you haven’t met or experienced before in the corporate environment.

You can expect that “do’” and “don’t” clichés will be challenged here. Harvesta is a company where proactivity, curiosity or even crazy ideas are welcomed. Мost importantly – we would like to see that you can take responsibility for your actions or non-actions on a daily basis.

If we see these qualities in someone, we are ready to give them a chance even if they don’t have any significant business experience. On the other hand – if he is smart and has a “proven track record”, but doesn’t have the spark in his eyes, prefers to transfer responsibility and is passive – we will step away and pass.

We can promise you that we at Harvesta are never bored or without work. On the contrary – we don’t like the “this is not part of my job description” attitude. The people on our team prefer to achieve, to test their own boundaries and polish their skills over time. They want to do more and to be more.

Now you may have already realized that Harvesta is not for everyone. It is for those who do not wait for something to happen, but make it happen. For those who are not afraid to make choices, to be curious, to make mistakes and to learn from them. For those who don’t like mediocrity. And especially for those who understand that their success largely depends on their perseverance, dedication and hard work.

If you recognize yourself in the above lines, we are more than eager to hear from you and get to know you.

Be proactive – send us your CV and cover letter.

You can see our current vacancies here:

Be proactive.

Open positions

A rapidly expanding Bulgarian manufacturing company is looking for an ambitious and future oriented Operations Manager to join our team.

You will be the person responsible for controlling diverse business operations, so we expect you to be an experienced and efficient leader. If you also have the following personality, we’d like to meet you:

  • Analytical and strategic
  • Proactive and dedicated
  • Business focused and future oriented
  • Ambitious and eager to develop – аn entrepreneurial mindset
  • Highly organized with the ability to handle multiple priorities 
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize in a time-sensitive environment
  • Fluent in English – both verbal and written


Your essential duties and responsibilities would be:

  • Manage, direct and monitor the performance of the manufacturing organization, ensuring high quality with efficiency and profitability
  • Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Logistics etc.)
  • Delegate authority and responsibility to teams with supervision, accountability and review
  • Set an example for team members of commitment, process expertise, work ethics and habits and personal character
  • Collaborating with the CEO in setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy and hiring needs
  • Analyzing the trends on the market and identifying new business opportunities, new product development
  • Translate strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth
  • Responsibly use resources and control expenses
  • Oversee the company’s fiscal activity, incl. budgeting, reporting, and auditing


You will get:

  • Excellent earning potential depending on your experience, capabilities and qualifications
  • Mentoring and career development
  • Benefit Package, incl. company car
  • Challenging but hugely rewarding job – both intellectually, professionally, and financially


In case you are interested we encourage you to send your CV and cover letter in English.